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The best Youtube SEO tips: More views & subscribers

YouTube SEO Tip

Our 12 YouTube-SEO tips

The video platform YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and offers, among other things, companies an incredible potential to communicate their knowledge entertainingly.

In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to the most important factors with which you can improve your ranking with YouTube-SEO and thus generate more hits and subscribers – a Youtube SEO tip is worth more than you imagine.

If you’re seeking more about SEO, here’s a guide: What does SEO stand for

YouTube SEO Tip 1 – Keyword research

The YouTube SEO process starts with finding the right keywords. The first step is to create a list of potential keywords. These can be easily found using the search function.

Just enter the keyword that the video is about, and you will immediately get suggestions about what users are looking for, here’s an example:


You can download the keyword surfer extension for Chrome from here – Surfer, also if you want to go more into keyword research, here’s a guide that will show you How to properly do keyword research.

With the Google Keyword Planner, you can find more keywords and additionally filter out how many times a month, the term is searched for on Google and what the competition is like. This way, you can determine which keywords you can use for your video.

We recommend you to install the VidIQ Chrome extension. In the next step, look at the videos that already rank with your desired keywords, and VidIQ will show you the tags for the videos.

After you have created a list with all collected keywords, it is now time to prioritize them. With a simple site query on Google, you can find out how many videos already exist for the keyword. Just enter “ + keyword,” and Google will show you how many results there are.

YouTube SEO Tip 2 – Video length

Try to keep viewers loyal to your videos for a long time, because the playback time is one of the most crucial ranking factors. This shows how long viewers have watched your video on YouTube.

This means that if the first viewer watched your video for 3 minutes and a second viewer for 5 minutes, it would be a playback time of 8 minutes.

The longer viewers watch the video, the higher the playback time, and this has a positive effect on the ranking in search results. However, you should not stretch your videos unnecessarily.

Try to include all the vital information in your video. If the video were a solution for a problem, it would be very unfavorable to stretch it, because the viewer wants a quick solution.

In principle, it always depends on the genre of the video and the target group. If your video is about a topic that you can describe in more detail, such as “The best tips for YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO Tip 3 – More interactions

The YouTube algorithm finds it very positive when interacting with the video.

That’s why it’s even more vital that you communicate with your viewers in the videos. Use the time at the beginning of the video to let the audience know what the video is about.

So the viewer knows directly what to expect in this video. Also, ask questions and ask people to rate the video and subscribe to your channel. This increases the interaction with the video and even the ranking in the search results.

YouTube SEO Tip 4 – Filename

The correct naming of the video file is an essential element for a good ranking on YouTube. Also, the file name is used for the thematic classification of the video. Therefore, we recommend inserting the keyword in the file name.

YouTube SEO Tip 5 – Titles

The first thing the user sees in the search results is the thumbnail (preview image), title, and description.

Therefore the title should be written appealingly and summarize what your whole video is about. An essential factor is that the search query matches the title.

Build your strongest keyword into the title and place it, if it makes sense, at the beginning. The more relevant keywords are included in the title, the more likely your video is to rank high in search results. However, YouTube’s search engine recognizes keyword spam, so the keywords should be included deliberately.

Furthermore, the length of 60 characters should not be exceeded, because short, crisp titles work best on YouTube.

YouTube SEO Tip 6 – Description

The video description with 5000 characters offers the possibility to provide users with more detailed information about the video content and to place further links.

However, only the first 100-120 characters of your video description will appear in search results. This means that the very beginning of the story should convince users to click on the video. Therefore, start your report with the advantage that the searcher gets by watching the video and combine that with your keywords.

Also, use related keywords, so that YouTube receives more information about your video. The remaining space of the description you can use with links to further information. So that the links can be placed clearly, we recommend that you shorten them with the tool Bitly.

YouTube SEO Tip 7 – Tags

With tags, you categorize your videos and thus provide YouTube with important information about the video. Tags are also a relevant criterion for the ranking in search results.

However, you should avoid using too many irrelevant tags, as they can harm the video’s ranking. Try to reflect the content of the video with a few tags and use longtail keywords.

The order of the tags is also urgent. So make sure that the most relevant keywords are at the beginning.

YouTube SEO Tip 8 – Thumbnail

The preview image, also called thumbnail, has an enormous influence on the click rate of the video.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to create an individual thumbnail that makes the user watch the video. When creating the thumbnail, you have to pay attention to the size, among other things.

In 2020 the optimal size is 1280 x 720 pixels. Use the free tool Visme to create your thumbnail. Also, note that your thumbnail should not be larger than 2 MB.

Use eye-catching colors and add text, logo, and other elements to differentiate your thumbnail from the competition. Try to keep your thumbnail as simple as possible.

YouTube SEO Tip 9 – Subtitle

YouTube now recognizes which words you use in your video. However, the words can be not understood correctly.

Therefore you should check the subtitle of your video and edit it individually. YouTube offers you the possibility to modify the subtitle directly on the platform.

To do so, go to the details of your video and click on the caption in the navigation. Then select “Edit in Classic Studio” in the subtitle drop-down menu.

YouTube SEO Tip 10 – Credits

The credits allow you to alert viewers to additional content on your channel. This means that if you watch more videos, the playback time will automatically increase, which can have a positive effect on the ranking.

So use the last 20 seconds of your video sensibly and arouse the curiosity of the viewers so that they subscribe to your channel and watch more videos or a whole playlist.

Leave some space at the end of your video for the credits. With an individual style, such as your font, frames, and colors, you also increase the recognition value.

YouTube SEO Tip 11 – Info Card

An info card is another feature of YouTube that encourages viewers to interact with the video. With the info cards, you can recommend another channel, link your website, start a vote, or suggest a video or playlist.

After setting up an info card, a small rectangular box will appear in the upper right corner of your video, displaying a preview of your message. Info cards are best used when they are coordinated with the video content.

For example, if you mention your website at some point in the video, you can create an info card with a link to your site. Awaken the interest of the audience with call-to-actions. YouTube offers the option to build up to five info cards in one video.

Don’t forget that Visme is an insanely useful tool, use it at its largest!

About Visme:

Presentation: The presentation of the Visme Tool

Infographics: See how easy you can make infographics with Visme

YouTube SEO Tip 12 – Create a playlist

A playlist is a grouping of several videos. Using a playlist helps YouTube decide which videos to suggest next. It also improves the user experience on your channel by allowing viewers to watch multiple videos in a row easily.

The playlist does not necessarily have to consist of videos from your channel. You can also include videos from other channels that you find relevant.

Now ask, “Why is a playlist critical for YouTube SEO?”. It’s simple! With the help of a playlist, more videos of yours are automatically viewed, and therefore the playback time increases, which influences the ranking of your videos.

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