Wordpress missed schedule

How to fix WordPress missed schedule – Easy Steps

If you’re here that means WordPress is playing tricks on you as well! You’ve wastes hours, maybe days to keep writing to keep your audience entertained.

So, How do you really fix WordPress missed schedule?

If you get this, it doesn’t mean a schedule is really missing or “late”. WordPress might play tricks on you from time to time, which means it’s not mandatory fixing it.

It’s imperative to fix this at the moment you have scheduled a post and tried to relax for a few days, but it keeps saying “WordPress Missed Schedule”.

NO PROBLEM! I will try to explain to you a few things about this:

Cron Jobs

For a short explanation a Cron Job is an assignment that is scheduled to run with a delay of time. It doesn’t require human touch, it’s going to run regularly, and automatically.

Cron Jobs can be set to run at a specific date, hour, and include activities such as Backups(automatically), delete temporary files, even wordpress posts that you can schedule.

An advice from me – Don’t try to leave everything on automatic mode!

It might be and sound convenient but using your hands for difficult tasks it’s recommended. WordPress might seem like having its own initiative but it’s still running as a bot.

Commonly, when a cron job is set up inside a working framework, the server is set to execute that activity at the necessary interim whether or not anybody is at the PC or not.

solving the wordpress missed schedule event

The effortless way to fix WordPress’s missed schedule is by using a plugin. The plugin we are going to use is called “WordPress Missed Schedule” Which you can visit here- WP Missed Schedule.

WP Missed Schedule Plugin
WordPress Missed Schedule plugin

You’ve clicked on it and redirected to that page – Press on “Clone or download” then “Download ZIP”.

Now, login into your WordPress Dashboard ->> Go to Plugins ->>> Add New Plugin ->>> Install Now

Add new plugin
Add new plugin

After you’ve activated the plugin, let’s go give it a shot! Now it’s possible to check out the posts that were scheduled and shown as an error “WordPress Missed Schedule”.

Go to Plugins ->> Installed Plugins ->> Find where WordPress Missed Schedule plugin is at.

Wordpress Missed Schedule
WP Missed Schedule

There’s another thing to keep in mind! There’s the possiblity that everything is cool and you won’t see any “Missed Schedules” but still have that in your dashboard.

In that case we are going to install: Wp Control Plugin – When activated it lets you monitor and control what is going on within your WordPress – Cron Jobs.

Wp control
WP Control

In the admin dashboard you are able to check now

  • All cron events
  • Delete, Edit, or start Cron Jobs
  • Mass Delete Cron Jobs

After activating these plugins you won’t be needed to do anything. WordPress missed schedule works automatically!

Fix wordpress schedule missing

Here’s a video about it in case you can’t handle the reading.

Conclusion about wordpress missed schedule

Allowing your audience to have access to high-quality content is the crucial step to holding onto a successful site. We cannot be present online every day, every hour meaning that sometimes having automation going on it’s a lifesaver.

Since nothing is perfect, these automation plugins are creating issues as well! That’s why you should keep close to your site and manage it manually to avoid creating discomfort.

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