What is a PBN

What is a pBN? (Private Blog Network)

What is a PBN?

A PBN consists of a corresponding number of domains that have “strong” inbound links. These properties define the strength or quality of a link:

Position of the connection (content, sidebar, footer?)
the number of other outbound links (max. 10) on a page
the corresponding website (topic relevance, trust?)

With the SEO tool MajesticSEO, you can find out which links point to a domain. Furthermore, MajesticSEO calculates two metrics for an environment – based on all incoming links: The Trust Flow and the Citation Flow. Using these metrics, you can determine how much a domain benefits from the inbound links or backlinks.

What is the Trust Flow?
This metric defines the quality of the inbound links. The value should be at least 15+.

What is the Citation Flow?
This metric defines the number of inbound links. The value should be at least 15+.

Note: Before buying an (expired) domain, you should always check the quality of the backlinks yourself. Why? The metrics Trust Flow and Citation Flow can unfortunately, also be falsified by spammers and hackers. (e.g., by temporarily placing a link) To check the current backlinks, I also recommend the SEO tool MajesticSEO.

How to build a PBN – free tutorial!

Create an account on domcop.com. DomCop is an Expired Domain Search Engine and helps you to find high quality (expiring) domains. A detailed tutorial for finding expired domains on DomCop can be found here: Find topic-related Expired Domains via DomCop!

The most critical metrics in a nutshell:
Maj TF (MajesticSEO Trust Flow): 15+
Maj CF (MajesticSEO Citation Flow): 15+
Moz DA (Moz Domain Authority): 25+
Moz Dom (number of backlinks/referring domains from Moz): 50+
Maj Dom (number of backlinks/referring domains of MajesticSEO): 50+

Although not a metric, another important indicator is the bid price. This should be at least $60 even before your first bid. So you can be sure that the domain has other interested parties and has a particular market value.

When searching, keep an eye out for Expired Domains, which are offered on the domain trading platform GoDaddy.
Check the backlinks and anchor tags of a preferred Expired Domain with MajesticSEO.

Link texts or anchor texts

Make sure that the link profile (under the menu item “anchor text”) consists mainly of the URL and the proper name. This would indicate a natural link profile.


MajesticSEO also checks the number of referring IPs. Please make sure that the number is approximately equal to the number of “referring domains” (50+).

Thus, it can be assumed that the backlinks have been set up on different IPs/servers and are de facto independent from each other.

Furthermore, you should also take a look at the indication of Topical Trust Flow. The Topical Trust Flow represents the topic results or niches of the found backlinks. (e.g., Reference/Education, Computers/Programming/Languages, Shopping/Niche etc.pp) The domain example.com (for the MajesticSEO analysis) gives you an overview!

Create an account on godaddy.com. On GoDaddy, the auctions for the Expired Domains will be conducted.
After you have found a suitable domain and the auction on GoDaddy has ended successfully in your favor, you can make the payment (e.g., via Paypal).

The payment details can be found in the mail about the successful bid. Now you have to wait for max. Fourteen days until the domain is transferred from the current hosting provider (the previous domain owner) to GoDaddy. This process is automatically carried out by GoDaddy as soon as the payment is completed.

Once the domain has been transferred to GoDaddy (you will be notified by email), fill out the 60 Day Lock Removal Request form and send it to [email protected] This will lift the regular 60-day domain lock and unlock the domain. With the requested AuthCode, you can now transfer your domain to a hosting provider of your choice.

For hosting a domain, it is best to use a low-cost web hosting service from India, Bangladesh, or Egypt. I have had an outstanding experience with these four hosting providers in the last two years: exonhost.com, hostabulous.com, hostripples.com, and ethernetservers.com.

Once you have decided on a host, you have to register with them. To do this, tell the host the AuthCode you received from GoDaddy. The domain transfer will now be carried out and will take about seven days.

Costs: The costs for the hosting package are, for example, USD 21.95 for one year at Exonhost.com. Additionally, Exonhost also charges a domain fee of USD 11.20. The price also includes a Whois-Protect service. With the Whois-Protect help, the domain owner data is not published.

Once the domain transfer is complete, you will usually need to update the name servers in the corresponding control panel. You will be informed of the name servers by email during the order process.


Building a PBN(Private blog network) might be easy but costly, care of your budged and find the best opportunity to success! Not everyone has the chance to take advantage of a strong PBN, therefore, we recommend everyone to test it before buying it.


Hope you enjoyed the guide about PBN –

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