What are backlinks and how do they work

What are backlinks and how do they work?

What are backlinks and how do they work

The Backlinks arise at the moment one site links or connects to another – that’s called “Link-Building” – They have to be referred to as well, only by linking doesn’t mean it will have a positive effect upon your website.

Those so-called “backlinks” from the outer point to your pages, domain, etc. However, the backlinks arise mostly when you have some web presence – this is called “organic link-building” (When you don’t need to pay for)

Put – The more links you are getting from authority sites, the better: SHORTSTOP: Buy Backlinks from here (We provide high-quality services)

So how do you answer what are backlinks and how do they work? Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks are essential for the Search engines, as well for the users. With the Search Engines, helps them discover the way your site is(How authoritative your site is in the niche you want to rank).

Even more, the links to your site are a “wake-up” signal to each search engine. For example, if you’re having more than 100 high-quality backlinks that point to your pages/site it’s more likely to rank for a specific keyword you target.

If several websites point to the same page/site, search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo will take this as a good feeling, meaning you’ll be ranking higher in the results. It’s been ages since the people started spamming backlinks, trying to find an easy way to cheat on the search engines – some did, some not(that’s the cruel truth).

You CANNOT fool Google, and it doesn’t matter how many times you try with low-end links. That’s why you have to target the highest quality ones (check our packages) and make sure you’re ready to rank after Google’s Penguin update sites started dropping one by one.

You can learn how to properly build backlinks as a beginner (riskfree) – HERE

Backlinks are essential for the visitors as well, so much that the backlinks link the searchers to information with a great similarity on the same niche (Web 2.0 Backlinks).

E.g., When a visitor is reading on a page “How to treat my dog” – at the bottom/top/middle of the article, they might be able to notice a website link with a referring domain in the same niche “How to treat my dog in 2020”- That is a backlink that makes the connection between two points of information.

What Are Backlinks And How Do They Work?
Link-Building that matters

Are backlinks worth buying?

The backlinks are worth buying when you know THAT is WORTH IT. You cannot just simply press “buy now” and get your website ranked.

There are an enormous amount of sites that sell you the same service over and over – WE SUGGEST YOU AVOID THAT!

If you want to choose a provider, you should always go for a reputable one. We recommend SpeedBacklinks for a better ranking!

Why you should pay for backlinks:

  • It spares whole your time
  • Greater Results
  • Pay now and forget the stress
  • We guarantee the ranking within 3 months from the order

Why you shouldn’t pay for backlinks:

  • It’s against Google’s TOS

How do i know when a backlinks is of quality:

  • Has high-quality content within.
  • Relevant context to your niche
  • Creates more opportunities for your organic traffic
  • Drives more attention
  • Increases your keyword’s ranking (within 3, 6, 8 months depending on the service)

In all those cases, you find yourself assured that a backlink you’ve bought it’s worth it. Our clients spend at least 400$ monthly just to keep on ranking.

In most of the cases, you’re going to ask the provider if they’re using a white-hat or black-hat tactic. That’s a MISTAKE – At the moment you’re purchasing backlinks, that’s already black-hat but don’t worry, it isn’t so scary as it seems.

Let’s take, for an example, PBN ( Private Blog Network ) – this is a purely black-hat tactic in SEO and Google advises against it since the beginning.

How many people are using a Private blog network(PBN)?


This is one of the fastest black-hat tactics someone could use to rank higher. It might sound good, it might bring a cool effect on your site, rank you higher, but in the end, Google is going to penalize you.

What can you lose? Everything you’ve worked for so far – so don’t do it. If I was a customer, I’d first buy backlinks than having someone build a PBN for me.

Picking the fastest way isn’t always meant to end up good, just note that. We are going to talk more about a PBN in the next guide.

In the meaning time you can read how to rank a new site on google in 2020: HERE


If you’re looking to grow your website the natural way, we suggest you read the guide above. The fastest door won’t open to a paradise, never!

If you’re looking to get the most of what link-building means, check out our packages.

Never buy something without researching!

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