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Link Building Strategy 2020 – Get More SERP Visibility now!

If you’re here, it means that you discovered how useful the Backlinks could be. The Only Link Building tactic we are going to use is the White Hat! A good Link Building Strategy 2020!

Now, in case you don’t really know what the Backlinks are, let’s start by giving a definition.

Link Building
Example of Link Building.

Backlinks are the way a website connects to another. E.g., At the moment you are having a blog/website and try to attach an external link to another site, the respective, is going to have a Backlink from you.

The importance of the Link building Strategy 2020 and high-quality backlinks.

First of all, we have called it the “Link Building Strategy 2020” due to the coldness of this year. Many times, the coldness will help you achieve greater things!

They are a referendum from a site to another. Each of the high-quality backlinks shows Google that your website is genuinely trustful has excellent content and might be useful to other people. The more of them you are having, the better ranking – This is a simple way to put it.

The Backlinks are not new to most of the Marketers since they have assembled the base of Google’s algorithms: Also acknowledged as “PageRank”. When Google started making adjustments to its algorithms, the backlinks remained the crucial ranking factor.

Which category of Backlinks is nowadays beneficial?

The backlinks are not always equivalent.

Perhaps, if you wish to be ranked superior to your competition, concentrate on High-Quality Backlinks.

A particular quality link can be ten thousand times more influential than 100 Low-Quality Backlinks.

The #1 trick: The backlinks should arrive from Credible, Dominating sites.

As a matter of choice, would you prefer a link from Facebook or a website that has no history/domain authority?

As it appears, Google understands it the same way!

The #2 trick: Focus on High-Quality Backlinks by using Link building Strategy 2020!

There are two ways of Link Building:

  1. White Hat tactics
  2. Black Hat tactics

It’s always intriguing to pick the cheap Black-Hat providers, that promise you are going to rank higher in a few steps.

OUR ADVICE: DO NOT DO IT! Black Hat tactics will never help the ranking in the long term!
Mostly, they are spammy links made up to take your money.

Link building
Do not let the spammy links affect your site!
Start making your way out!

Establish communication with other people from your niche!

That is one of the most significant steps in getting High-Quality backlinks, since setting up a relation with your “neighbors” can be so vital to the Link Building!

On the assumption that the community doesn’t know you, might create much discomfort in the future of your site.

Create Ambitious Topics

There is no Link Building Strategy 2020 without High-Quality Topics! (Content)

That is pretty elementary, without the quality content, no one would link to you.

If the sites have content that is sluggish, boring, dry or ordinary, it makes no difference for the site’s SEO because no one will consider linking to it.

Perhaps, you should start forming content that is superior to your competition.

How to create quality content:
  1. Start sniping through your competition.
  2. Analyze the blogs, read the content, make the connections.
  3. Think of the word count.
  4. Find a suitable title that matches.
  5. Think of images and add the ones that match your content.
  6. Increase the word count in your article (Helps unmeasurably with the SEO)
  7. Think of a title that is fascinating and eye-catching.

The intention of all of these is to evaluate your competition and take into consideration all the essential points, then make it matter!

As soon as you are done doing it, it’s not the best idea to publish it on your site! Put it out on others too!

And for this matter, you could take it out on MediumQuora, and share it on FacebookLinkedin. That will substantially help your article getting other views. 

Design Infographics.

The world loves them!

quality backlinks

You can create different types of infographics on Venngage.

After all the infographics are easily readable, people love to flip through them, which means, there is a high chance of getting a bunch of shares!

Is there any reason you should spend your time linking to different sites?
Yes, there is. You are not doing it for other sites’ advantage; you are doing it for yourself.

Helping other sites with a link from your website, it’s not necessarily helpful for yourself.

Just keep this in mind:

You are linking to another site’s content and then inform them that you love their article(s) so much, you have posted it on your website.

These kinds of relations are profitable in the long term.

That does not mean anything but that you are starting to assemble a relationship with the respective.

Comment on significant, related blogs.

Having in mind that we need to build more relations, commenting on Related Blogs will be very impactful to your progress.

Just hold on a little! Before you take your leave and launch the comments, let me explain.

In searching for Blogs to comment on, you might find it easy to leave a backlink to your site behind. That shouldn’t be the priority, and it does not matter how helpful it is. Building the relationship with the respective author might help a thousand times more than just a simple backlink left in a comment.

Think of what to write! Don’t just leave a random comment that would bother the author/members around.

Find a way to flatter them. Who doesn’t love to receive compliments? Now, complimenting might be a good way but let’s not forget about the significance of your comment.

Social media signals.

quality backlinks
Social Media Signals picture.

There is no complete Link Building strategy without Social Media Signals!

Social Signals connect the Search Engines and your site and tells them how alive and updated it is.

Just note this: The more alive and updated, the higher the rankings.

It’s not mandatory to have a violent activity on all platforms. The whole idea is that the more areas join, the better progress you can make.

Most of the people don’t have the time to engage in every single Social Media platform. In this situation, pick the ones suitable to you and hold onto those.

Finally, we have concluded.

Building High-Quality Backlinks was and is not an easy task.

Hiring Black Hat Marketers wasn’t, and it still isn’t a good idea.

You can hire White Hat marketers for this matter and let them help your rankings; we always recommend SpeedBacklinks.

Writing Quality Content will always have a massive impact on Backlinks.

Social Media Signals: Always a must, always a task.

We have learned that commenting on High-Quality Blog Posts, also an essential factor.

Assembling relationships with others is crucial.

Always Follow the White Hat tactics. Use the Link Building Strategy 2020 for the progress!

What Backlinks Strategy are you using? Is it White Hat or Black Hat? In future articles, we are going to learn all the differences. 

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