How to install rank math in 2020

how to install rank Math in 2020 – #1 SEO plugin

How to install rank math in 2020
Install Rank Math in 2020 – #1 SEO PLUGIN

How to install Rank Math in 2020 :

In 2020 there are a few high-quality SEO plugins which help you do On-Page SEO properly and increase your rankings.

  • Yoast SEO: It’s been more than enough time since Yoast SEO is on the market – it comes in 2 ways: Free and Premium
  • Rank Math: RankMath comes in the market on November 19th, 2018 followed by great success in terms of SEO.
  • All in One SEO Pack: They’ve also been on the market for quite a while now, not the best in terms of SEO(Though a good alternative)

If RankMath is still not part of your SEO plugins, then it should be! It’s not only that RankMath can adequately help you fix the On-Page SEO, but it comes free of cost!

Rankmath is the best free SEO plugin in 2020 on the market because it offers every single option that Yoast Premium or All in One Seo Pack Premium provides.

Once you’ve added the plugin to your site and activate it, you will find encounter the setup wizard. You want to create an account to enable RankMath on your website entirely.

Steps how to install rank math in 2020

  • You are importing the data from the previous SEO plugin. You want to make sure that you’re saving everything necessary you’ve done with the plugin earlier (Yoast, etc.) and keep it within Rank Math.
  • Choose the website type you’re having. Make sure you’re choosing the right category for it!
  • Now comes the important part of uniting Rank Math with The Google Search Console. In case you’re not having an account, you can just use your Gmail and voila, you got yourself a Google Search Engine account. After you create it, you are going to verify the property and authorize Rank Math. You have to make sure that your website is added to the Google search console!
  • Sitemaps- Make sure to set everything ON! And select what you want to include in the sitemaps : Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, etc.
  • Optimization – Rank Math comes already optimized with the best setup so you shouldn’t really modify too much if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Check out the Rank Math’s original guide with pictures- Here

How to install Rank Math in 2020 Video. By :
Ferdy Korpershoek

Now, after you have watched the video and made sure that it’s worth it.. What are you waiting for?!

Rank Math Is considered the Swiss Army knife of WordPress SEO.

Why? Because Rank Math is coded by professional people with a lot of experience to make our Google Ranking become easier and smoother.

If you still Haven’t decided if you should switch to Rank Math after all of this, we highly suggest you think more about it! Everything about Configuration and how to install Rank Math in 2020 can be found in the video and the original guides.

You are going to learn everything about it from the scratch; Keep in mind that no Plugin can help you if the website you are trying to work on is in a bad shape, a bad host, etc.

Before setting up SEO, we recommend you’d take care of the site optimization: Optimize its speed, Make it Google friendly, find the right theme.

We highly recommend you’d take care of the On-Page SEO using Rank Math and all of its free features – For a better ranking!

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We also recommend this guide on how to install Rank Math in 2020 and the proper settings : Here

Thank you for watching and reading about this wonderful plugin. Thank you Rank Math for having our back in terms of SEO!

Thank you Ferdy Korpershoek for the easy to follow video on this matter!

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