How To Build Backlinks As a Beginner

How To Build Backlinks As a beginner

How to build backlinks as a beginner it’s a frequent question asked by thousands of people daily. To solve this mystery, we’ve written this down for you step by step.

All good! I am aware that a wide variety of people already know a lot of information about backlinks/link-building though there are people who don’t, so let’s go on with this!

I’m going to show you how to create high-quality backlinks to rank your website or your youtube video on the first page of Google and Youtube.

You might have a great website, with a lot of useful content and nobody is reading it, or a video on YouTube, and still, nobody is watching it.

The question is, “WHY?”

Since many people are aware of the “backlinks,” and how they affect your website, you would expect that more people would take advantage of it.

I see more and more people trying to use link-building tools to create a massive amount of backlinks in a short time. Is this a mistake? Oh, yes!

You can use link-building tools the whole day around, get more than 50k backlinks per day(exaggerate example), and you’d still rank at the bottom. Why?

You are probably aware that even though Google has many rules, algorithms that check each corner of your website, and if your content is not good enough, you don’t get a rating.

Now, how can you start getting high-quality backlinks so Google would rank you? How do these “people” who got more than 70k links pointing to their website, have such a high ranking?

Nobody has ever started from the top! Even if they did, that means someone already did the beginning part for them so they can jump a few stages. Not all of us can do that, though!

How to build backlinks as a beginner is the question of 2020–2021, probably 2022 as well! Is there an easy way?

Guess what? There’s not! The high-quality backlinks have no shortcut! It doesn’t matter how many tools you’re going to use, how many black-hat tactics you will try to apply, so let’s start!

How to build backlinks as a beginner — PART 1

You’ve created a website, YouTube video, and now you have no idea what you should do to rank higher.

If you’ve heard from people that buying backlinks has a good effect on your website, you heard it right. But guess what? Not any provider will be able to give you the quality your website/video needs to rank higher!

If you’re willing to buy backlinks, we will always recommend CLICK HERE. Highest quality around — I lie, get refunded!

So, let’s get to the part where you are starting to build your first few links.

If you just started an online business and need a beginning for your website, you should always start with YouTube.

You may be wondering, “Why YouTube?” Well, let me show you how powerful YouTube is.

How To Build Backlinks as a beginner 1
Youtube Overview –

So, still, think YouTube is not a great source to get a backlink from? Think again!

The first thing you want to do, when you get new business is to promote it on YouTube, make an explanatory video about it, and in the description, drop a few links to your website. This way, you will get your first high-quality backlink coming from an authoritative domain.

Time to move on the SERP

Congratulations! You got your first backlinks and not any backlink but a high-quality one.

So what to do next? Let’s keep building high-quality backlinks!

You’ve probably heard of Facebook. We all know how many people are going through it daily, and how robust social media it is!

The second thing you want to do is to create a Facebook account! That’s right, go on and create it. After you’ve done that, create yourself a page (The page of your business).

Are you done? Alright! Time for your first post on Facebook! Make sure you include the link(s) to your website.

Facebook Overview
Youtube Overview

That easy huh? In only 30–40 minutes, you got yourself 2 high-quality backlinks!

Continue advancing towards the top!

So you are already pointed out by YouTube and Facebook. How amazing is that?

Let’s move on and find out the 3rd high-quality link!

Ahm, you’ve probably aware of Twitter, aren’t you? You’re probably using it but have no idea how Twitter can be the power behind your website. Not your fault! Many people are not aware of its power and how it can boost your site in the SERP!

Twitter Overview
Twitter Overview

Again, you did it! The 3rd high-quality backlinks pointing to your site, the 3rd domain, with an authority

bigger than 90!

Still, feel like your website is weak? Let’s keep going! So what could it be next that is as good as

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook?

Let’s find it out together!

Compete with the competition

So, after all this work, we got 3 high-quality backlinks, managed to boost our site with the help of FacebookYouTube, and Twitter. What could be next?

The next Link we are going to get pointed out from is….

Pinterest Overview
Pinterest Overview

Oh, yea! Pinterest comes in this time, helping us lift the site even more! And guess what? This is the 4th high-quality link that we managed to acquire in such a short time.

Are they helpful though? Oh yeah, probably the best backlinks someone could have. And it’s free!

Let’s equal the competition

Feeling like you still need more quality? No problem! Here we go getting our 5th link.

Reddit overview
Reddit Overview

You are right! It will come from the first page of the internet!

If you don’t have an account, go on, create it and post your first Reddit story, a business story

including the link towards your website.

So far, so good! We got the 5th high-quality backlink in our journey. Now, please don’t get Me wrong, these are potent backlinks, but again, the quantity matters as well.

After getting your first 5 links, this is just the beginning of the journey. Let’s not exaggerate

and make a fuss out of nothing.

Here is the 6th link! Surprised? The list is not yet over!

How to build backlinks as a beginner – Stay tuned! We are not done!

Tumblr Overview
Tumblr overview

There comes the 6th powerful backlink! Tumblr! To be honest, it took me a while to get how

to properly say.

When people were asking me “You’ve heard of Tumblr?” My answer always would be “What is tumbajsidja? Do you eat it?”

It turns out that Tumblr is actually a great backlink to our website, and if you could, make a whole PBN (Private Blog Network) made out of Tumblrs. This we can cover in the next tutorial.

Isn’t this over yet?!

Oh, it is not! We are going to get your 7th high-quality backlink, this time using the power of


Let’s have an overview.

Quora Overview
Quora overview

You’re thinking what I am thinking? How to build backlinks as a beginner, becomes pretty easy, step by step!

You already know what to do. Go on, answer questions, leaving the link to your website behind.

Or even better! Ask your question and put the link in! Be careful though, Quora has many

spam policies.

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