Make money with Fiverr – What is it and how to do it

Fiverr® is one of the best-known freelancer portals worldwide. As a freelancer, you can create bookable gigs® as a service here. The question that still characterizes Fiverr® today is: “What would you do for 5$?

Fiverr® has been around since 2010 and is available worldwide.

Fiverr® thus created the foundation for micro-entrepreneurs, where every freelancer can offer his services for as little as $5. This allows many companies and individuals to outsource smaller tasks that no one can handle on the scale of what they do. Since the end of 2015, the $5 rule has been abolished, and the platform now also allows higher prices for a job.

Besides, freelancers have since then been able to create small service packages from their Gigs® and offer them at different prices.

Most freelancers offer their services here because of freedom and diversity and not only because of the money. Although with 5$ per Gig®, usually several Gigs® per hour are possible, and therefore a quite good hourly wage can arise. From many initially harmless Gigs®, unexpectedly high numbers of bookings have led to the development of their own companies.

The categories are divided into 9 sections, with many sub-categories:

Especially in the Fun & Lifestyle area, there are very unusual Gigs®, but they are also well received and enjoy great popularity. Fiverr® is one of the first places to go for freelancers who want to live out their creativity in their professional life. No matter if it is about drawings, freewriting, music, or video clips.

Of course, there is a “review” system which brings more benefits to already-known sellers. This works like:

Buyer: Gets the GIG – Leaves a review

Seller: Sells the “service” – Receives the review – gets more trust – gets more sales


Create a profile

After you have registered for free via EMail, it is all about getting your profile up to date. First, you should add a profile picture; this creates trust; after all, everyone wants to see who they are dealing with. Next to your profile picture, you can say in one sentence what your Gig® is all about.

A little bit below on the right side, your Gigs® will be managed. On the left side, you will find a short description about you. Here you can tell in a few sentences which you are, what you do, and your hobbies. The more authentic you present yourself, the more likely it is that a customer will come to you. You can also add the languages you speak. This way, you will also be more enjoyable for customers who are more likely to express their ideas in their native language and thus prefer your Gig® to another because of the more accessible communication.

Below you can add your skills to your profile. For each power, you can indicate your level (“Beginner,” “Intermediate,” or “Expert”). Of course, you also can upload certificates to prove your skills. This is especially useful for translations. So the client can rely on your quality and does not have to worry about a translation algorithm doing the work. Of course, you can also link your profile to various social media accounts.

You can also view your profile from the customer’s perspective. To do so, open your profile and click on the “View As A Buyer” button next to your profile picture. To go back, the button “View As A Seller” will now appear in the same place.

Get a job

No projects are advertised on Fiverr®, but freelancers offer their services in the form of Gigs®. The creation of these is divided into 6 steps here:

In the first step, you create an overview of your Gig®. Here you give your Gig® a name, so write down what you can do for the customer. Then you assign your gig® to a category and add a few keywords to make it easier to find your gig® with the search function.

Now it’s all about putting together your Gig® package. Here you can set the price and add a few details. The price is freely selectable between $5 and $995 in $5 steps.

If you want your services to be available to the customer in different versions, you can also offer a Standard and Premium Package and the Basic Package. You can also set exclusive extras for each package, such as surcharges for an earlier delivery/deadline or several revisions included in the price. Just in case the first draft does not go down so well with the customer.

In the third step, you have the chance to describe your Gig® as detailed as possible. This way, the customer can better assess whether your service meets their needs. You can also add FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), including a ready-made answer. This way, you don’t have to answer frequently asked questions again and again.

Now that you have entered everything about your Gig®, you can enter the customer’s information is still missing for your service. This can be text files for a translation, specifications for an illustration, or technical drawings for 3D modeling. The customer must then enter or upload this information or files when booking.

This point is especially important for creative people. Here you can upload ready-made sample works, which the customer can view beforehand. These can be photos, videos, or PDF files. They will be displayed in your Gig® and give information about which styles you master, how well you work, etc.

The most natural step; publish your Gig®.

To the job handling

As soon as someone books your gig®, you will receive a notification and all the information and files that the customer had to provide when booking.

Once your work is done, you send your results to your client within the booking system. In case of complications or problems, you can contact the customer and Fiverr® support via chat. If you have more specific questions about your area of expertise, you can always use the forum to exchange information with other freelancers.

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