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Earn money with your blog: The ultimate guide for 2020

Do you want to learn how to make money with a blog?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

On this page, you’ll find the ultimate guide to it…

First of all, I will show you my practical example and how much you can earn with a blog business. Then we will go through the basic steps necessary to build a highly profitable blog.

Finally, we will look at different ways of earning money from a blog.

Sounds good?

Then let’s get started!

earn money

How do I earn money as a blogger?

Let’s start immediately with our practical example and the story behind it.

Briefly to my person…

My name is Bogdan Alexe, and I am a blogger and digital entrepreneur. I run several blogs, which I have developed into profitable business machines.

Today I earn 6-digit amounts per year alone with one of my blogs and can live my absolute dream (can travel and work wherever and however I want).

But especially in the beginning, the road to this dream was not always rosy. For example, in the first two years, I did not earn a single cent with this blog.

What was the problem? Quite simply…

I didn’t know how to make real money with a blog back then.

In the meantime, I have more than seven years of experience, and on “speedbacklinks.com/blog/,” I pass on the knowledge which I would have needed when I started my first blog.

So far, so good.

With digital products

I have built a business around my blog. Because this is where the real gold is buried.

On my blog I sell digital products

For example the permanent backlinks which are pretty much my digital product that is being sold at the moment! For us, the permanent backlinks have a different meaning, such as: Guest posts, real link-building, outreach, etc. (Make sure you check it out)

You also got more options when it comes to digital products: E-books, Courses, etc.

The contents of my blog and my products have helped me a lot myself. They are all practice-proven and work.

My readers quickly realize that I am passionate about what I do and want to solve their problems. That’s why they like to buy my products because they help them get ahead.

An ideal win-win situation. My buyers are happy, and I am glad.

The 5 big steps to earn good money with a blog

  • Set up your blog properly
  • Create useful content
  • Do marketing for your blog
  • Establish your blog
  • Generate revenues

At first, the process sounds quite simple. But the challenge behind it is much more significant than one might think at first glance.

You have to bring a lot of motivation, energy, and stamina. And essential: willingness to learn!

1. Get your blog set up right

In order to earn money with a blog, the first logical step is to own a blog.

It is essential to do a proper preparation and to set up the blog technically correct. So that it forms a good basis right from the start to be able to earn money with it later.

If you don’t have a blog yet or if you want to check again if you did everything right in the implementation, I can warmly recommend the following article:

How to start a blog!

2. Create useful contents

Now that you own a blog, you need to take care of the content.

It is essential to create useful content that has added value to your readers. Take advantage of your expertise and experience here. Write informative, relevant, and valuable articles for your readers.

Excellent content is a massive part of the key to success.

Because to make money, you need visitors on your blog.

And to get visitors, you need content that can attract many visitors.

3. Marketing your blog

Many bloggers assume that good content is enough for success. But that is only half the story. With a “the visitors will come by themselves” mentality, it will be difficult.

Especially in the beginning, you have to make sure that your excellent content is read actively. Otherwise, they will, unfortunately, gather dust in the last corner.

You have to actively do blog marketing and present your blog and its content to the full world of the internet.

4. Establish your blog

For the promising development of your blog, you must perceive the second and third steps as a process and repeat it continuously.

It is also of enormous importance to build a relationship with your readers. Always respond to emails and comments. Interact personally with your readers. Newsletters and social networks are excellent tools for this.

In this way, you gain the trust of your readers and build a community around your blog.

In the end, you can establish your blog as a strong brand.

5. Generate income

As soon as the first visitors come to your blog, you can already earn money. That’s why you should already integrate revenue opportunities into your blog before (in step 2).

This way, the first income will give you a huge motivation boost.

But to earn a lot of money with your blog in the long run, you need to complete the first four steps.

Therefore this step is in fifth place because this is where the cash registers start ringing.

Which possibilities are there to earn money with a blog?

Your own products:

Distributing your products is, in my opinion, the most attractive way to earn money with a blog.

You are independent of other providers (affiliate partners) and have the highest profit margins.

And in contrast to services, the sale of digital products is fully automated, so that you earn a passive income.

Digital products are, for example:

  • E-books
  • Video courses
  • Plugins
  • Software

But also the sale of physical products is a path that more and more bloggers are taking.

Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing, and how does it work?

In short: You advertise a product and get a commission for it.

To do this, you link to the product page of the respective product in your blog. If someone follows the link and buys the product within a specified time window (e.g., 30 days), you will receive a commission for the referral.

Through so-called tracking methods, the sale can be traced back to your affiliate link.

The amount of the commission varies from affiliate partner to affiliate partner and product.

For example, in Amazon’s affiliate program, you get about 5-10% for specific products.

Elsewhere, the commission for digital products can be 50% or more. An affiliate network for this would be Digistore24.

Affiliate marketing is for many bloggers the first way to earn a high income, and for many, it is also the primary source of income.

Consultation and service

Every blogger is already a consultant in some way. Through your blog, you make your knowledge available to others and solve their questions and problems.

Thus a blog is a perfect platform to position and establishes yourself as an expert in your field. And around it, you can run a business as a consultant or service provider. And that online/offline or in combination.

Conceivable here, for example:

  • Coachings
  • Seminars
  • Personal consultation
  • Services in your field (For example (web) design, photography, project management, social media manager..)
  • Lectures
  • Pieces of training

Besides, you get to know the needs of people entirely, so that you can develop your product.

I think for many people, this is a great opportunity, which can be combined with others.


Probably the most common way to make money with a blog is to place advertisements.

You are paid here either by click (Pay-Per-Click) or by the number of times the advertising banner is displayed (Pay-Per-Mille).

There is also the possibility of renting advertising space for a fixed amount.

To earn perfect money with advertising, you need massive traffic, as the fees are deficient.

In contrast to the other possibilities, there is usually only small pocket money in it.

Also, more and more people use adblockers or find advertising annoying.

Further possibilities

Sell blog:
Your blog is an asset you can sell. Some even pull up blogs to sell them afterward.

Link selling:
Another way is to sell or rent links. However, it would be best if you were careful with this, as it is very unwillingly seen by Google and can lead to a penalty in the ranking.

Paid items (sponsored posts):
You get paid for writing a particular article (e.g., product test) and publishing it on your blog or the blog of the client.

A blog with a broad reach is also suitable as a marketing platform for your events. An example would be the OMR Festival.

Premium content:
With this method, your readers pay a fixed monthly fee to access certain premium content or a private community on your blog.


There are many ways to make money with a blog. You can also combine them and build up a variety of income sources.

I find the fact of passive income particularly appealing, for example, with products or affiliate marketing.

Of course, it demands a lot, and it takes time until you bring a blog to a level where you earn a lot of money.

But if you get to that point, your staying power is rewarded with a new life. I can speak from my own experience.

Today I can live, travel and work where and when I want.

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