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Buy Backlinks – The ultimate guide to safe backlinks buying

Does your competition have a much stronger link profile than your domain? It would help if you closed this gap in authority so that your website can be at the top of Google for the keywords you want to use. As a small website without a strong brand, this process is not easy because of natural backlinks “pass” without much visibility (even if Google likes to claim otherwise).

Our guide shows you how to buy backlinks (almost without risk) with a simple step-by-step guide. Let’s get started!

Buy Backlinks
Buy Backlinks

Every SEOer knows it: Buying backlinks violates Google’s guidelines (TOS). Many successful SEO professionals and webmasters do it anyway, but don’t talk about it.

They pay for links, directly or indirectly. The reason is simple: Buying backlinks works, even today. Especially in competitive niches, there is often no way around it.

What Are Good Links? Should you Buy Backlinks?

What are backlinks anyway and why do we need them?

To recap: Backlinks are an essential part of Off-Page optimization. Backlinks are located on external websites and link from there to your content.

A backlink is practically a recommendation for your website. If your website is linked from a domain authority site, such as a newspaper, this can affect your position in the SERPs.

But which backlinks have the most influence? What characteristics should the link source, i.e., the linking website, have?

  • High authority, relevant domain
  • High authority, relevant page / URL
  • Low authority, relevant domain
  • Low authority, relevant page / URL
  • High authority, no relevance
  • Low authority, no relevance

Now first the good news: Some of these links happen naturally. That means that the webmaster of a site “voluntarily” links your content without you asking him to do so.

The bad news: Only a tiny part of the backlinks happens this way. For most of them, you have to do something – in some cases, even pay for a webmaster to link your content. Many bloggers prefer to do without your high-quality content if they are not paid for publishing it… Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? But unfortunately, it is.

For this reason, buying backlinks is still a common practice in link building, and in really competitive niches, there are no alternatives. No, more On-Page optimization and content is not enough to compensate for a weak link profile.

Why “SEOers” buy backlinks

When and why is it useful to buy backlinks?

The reason why many SEO professionals buy backlinks is because otherwise they would receive no or too few backlinks. But when and why is it really useful to buy backlinks?

Many SEO professionals buy backlinks because otherwise, they would receive none or too few backlinks. But when and why is it beneficial to buy backlinks?

1# It works

The main reason why SEO professionals build backlinks is simple: it works well and is scalable. If you find yourself in a difficult niche, you’ll be in trouble otherwise. Successful outreach without money is challenging.

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Besides, your money is well invested, provided, of course, that you do it right. The value of the link also increases over time. That means that buying a link is almost like investing in good wine: It is purchased for a certain amount of money. Then it has to mature in the right environment to become better and better and thus more valuable.

2# Less dangerous if you do it right

Are you afraid of the risk? If you stick to a few guidelines and, above all, have researched and selected the target site well, there is little risk of being penalized or invalidated by Google. If the Googlebot or a human Google employee notices a link purchase, this can cause problems for your website.

3# The agencies also buy coverage

You don’t have to feel bad about spending money on a link. Almost all companies and businesses spend money to be printed with their products on the cover of a glossy magazine – link buying is nothing else.

4# Buying backlinks is not prohibited!

In the end, Google is not the legislator. And it does not punish you when you buy backlinks. Of course, if you do something wrong, you can get a penalty from Google, or Google can invalidate the purchased backlinks.

Important: Surreptitious advertising is forbidden, and therefore you should never pay for a promotional item without marking.

Contras for Buying Backlinks

Buying backlinks sounds very trivial, but you can do a lot of things wrong, and your visibility is quickly put at risk. Since the Google Penguin Update in April 2012, Google has been doing a lot to find unnatural backlinks. Therefore the backlink should look as natural as possible.

It would be best if you did not do this when you buy links on the internet:

Do not buy from private blog networks!

Most blog networks have Footprints. These are information left behind that indicate a relationship between domains (imprint, hosting, registrar, plugins, CMS, names, etc.). Sooner or later, Google’s algorithm will discover these footprints and invalidate the links in the next step.

So it would be best if you did not use blog networks also because you have no way to control the system. You have no idea how many pages and primarily which pages are still found in this network. A Bad Neighborhood should be avoided! In concrete terms, this means: Your site should never be associated with dubious sites.

In private blog networks (short PBN), links may only be set if you own the network yourself and only use it for selected projects.

You can read about PBN here.

Do not buy from the “professional link sellers”

These sellers like to send e-mails to webmasters or draw attention to themselves in relevant forums. Classic link brokers also fall into this category. Link purchases from supposedly successful sites are offered. The SEO values and even the media data often seem very seductive. But: Hands off!

The problem is that it may work well initially, but over time the same websites are found with more and more link brokers. They sell far too many posts, and it becomes more relaxed and more comfortable for Google to see one of these “lists.” You’d better invest your money in proper site research and serious link source.

Yes, I understand. Buying Backlinks via Link Broker is fast, easy, and scalable. But Link Broker is also High Risk and Low Reward. By high risk, I don’t mean that you will be punished very probably, but rather that you buy a backlink for 700,- Euro, which does not forward any Link Juice to your website.

Buy high-quality backlinks: The step-by-step guide

Step 1: The correct research of the target page: Only buy backlinks if they’re of a higher quality!

To buy backlinks, the right page must first be found. The research of the target page is not only about the domain rating of a page. The following four points should be essential in your search for the perfect target page:

  • Professionalism, timeliness & language of the website: The site should regularly publish blog articles and make a professional impression. Furthermore, the style should be adapted to your site – German sites buy German backlinks!
  • High traffic: The affected site has a lot of traffic at best, because in the end, it’s not about Google rankings, but about website visitors.
  • High Trust: The site’s authority plays a vital role because a small part of the trust of the linking site is transferred to your site (keyword trust flow).
  • Relevance for your topic: The topic’s relevance should also be a priority when choosing a site since a link without context looks very unnatural and brings much less. The guest article topic must suit you and the blogger!

Step 2: The right position – where exactly should the link go?

  • The link is placed in a non-commercial, purely informative guest article.
  • This guest article will be published by you as an “expert” on this topic – even author boxes make sense because Google’s quality criteria (E-A-T) probably already take such boxes into account today!
  • The anchor text: Many SEOs get greedy quickly and build backlinks with perfect anchor texts. But we link either with a pure brand anchor text or a very careful, natural phrase match + brand anchor text. The anchor text should invite you to click on the link. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself: Would you click on that link?

The guest article and anchor text must match the content of the web pages. The topic, style, and design should not differ much from the other articles on the site. In this video, you will learn what you need to pay attention to when setting links so that your backlinks look natural for the Google algorithm.

Step 3: Write to the webmaster in a polite and friendly manner

Afterward, the webmaster of the researched page is politely and friendly contacted. Think about arguments in advance about what advantages the webmaster will get from a guest article because the blogger will not publish the piece as a favor to you.

Introduce yourself and explain in the e-mail that you have become aware of the website during research work and that you think it is excellent! Authenticity is the key!

Point out the similar content between his website and your material and ask if it would be possible to publish a guest article. Webmasters like to hear the following arguments:

Be friendly!
  • High-quality content is a matter of course for you.
  • Your content covers an exciting topic: Submit several topic suggestions for a guest article to the webmaster.
  • Social Proof: Where have you already been published?
  • Offer that the blogger may also publish a guest article on one of your other blogs (triangle link exchange)
  • OR: financial compensation for the link (do not offer it in the first step!)
  • Make sure that your mail is error-free and severe.

The webmaster agrees, and the price is negotiated? Okay, granted: such a quick reaction and price negotiation rarely works. But for the sake of simplicity, let’s assume In the next e-mail you should clarify a few things before your money is invested.

Step 4: Discuss with the webmaster in advance.

Before buying, everything about link placement should be clarified. So you can be sure that there will be no nerve-wracking discussions or even problems afterward.

  • Check the frequency of link sales: Does the webmaster sell links more often? If he wants to earn some extra money on the side, that’s fine. But if the webmaster sells links regularly, then according to our classification, he is already a “professional link seller.”
  • A backlink should ideally not be a no-follow link: This should also be clarified beforehand. The no-follow attribute ensures that search engine bots do not include the link in their search engine ranking.
  • Also, you should agree that the link should remain on the website for at least two years.
  • The style of the article should not be promotional. The article should be helpful and of high quality for the readers.
  • It should be linked either from the author’s box or/and the original content.

Current prices for backlinks

As in any industry, the price of buying backlinks can give an indication of the seriousness of the offers. Too expensive is cheeky, but caution is also advisable when buying backlinks that appear cheap. The fact is Backlinks cost! The higher the authority and the number of visitors to the website, the more expensive the link becomes.

It isn’t easy to formulate general prices for backlinks because they depend on too many factors. Depending on the link source and niche, the rates vary remarkably. What is a cheap link in one niche that would be very expensive in the other niche?

As a guideline: A high-quality link may cost between 100 and 1,000 Euros. Of course, there are considerably more expensive links, but the prominent newspapers only have no-follow links at most, and besides, they are not relevant.

To judge a price, you can look at the SEO and traffic metrics of a site using tools like Ahrefs and SimilarWeb and then compare them with other sites and costs of your niche. And as I said, many webmasters also give you the opportunity to publish a guest article on their website for free. The better known you are, the more often the publication is free.

You can get cheap backlinks from us->> Web 2.0, Forum Profiles, etc. Go to the pricing section!

The effect of backlinks

Backlinks usually do not have an immediate effect on the ranking. It is often very difficult to evaluate the effects of a single backlink. That is why we prefer to speak of a link building process.

In principle: The older the link, the better the backlink works!
Thus, you should always agree to a link of at least two years when buying links. In the best case, the webmaster will not remove your link afterward, because he forgot 😉.

Furthermore, there is the effect “Link Echoes,” also called “Link Ghosts.” Put: If a strong backlink is removed after a long time, the rankings will remain. The reason why Google is handling the story this way is probably that the internet is always changing, and backlinks are removed again and again, although the recommendation still applies.

First results? Duration depending on the project phase.
It can take 6-10 weeks before the Backlink takes effect. If many backlinks relevant to the topic are built simultaneously, results may appear faster.

A single backlink may not be enough to overtake a competitor, because the gap in terms of authority/link profile is too big.

Our conclusion

If you want long-term SEO success in a competitive niche, you will not be able to avoid buying backlinks. If your competitors do, you will have to play along, for better or worse. If you follow our tips and avoid private blog networks and professional link sellers, almost nothing can go wrong.

You should always ask yourself: Would this be a link I would click on myself? Because in practice, it’s all about making sure that the link you bought is clicked and doesn’t look purchased. The art is to make the purchased link look like a natural link. Good luck!

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