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Backlinking for Seo through outreach – is it easy?!

How vital is backlinking for SEO web presence is meanwhile undisputed. But not every company takes it so precisely and either completely renounces the link building or instead invests once in a dubious link package without being aware of the consequences. Why relevant backlinks are so crucial for your website, why you should instead do without tempting backlink packages and above all, HOW you get to high-quality links, you will learn now.

Backlinking for seo

It is not uncommon for intriguing enquiries to land in our inbox, and it is only at second glance that we realise why people are desperately looking for help.

A closer look at the link profile reveals the most exceptional spam links. A ticking time bomb, because as soon as the next Penguin update is rolled out, the logical consequence is that the website will leave the SERPs – and that permanently.

What does this mean for a GOOD SEO agency? First and foremost, it is about damage control. That means to devalue spam links bit by bit and in return build up high-quality backlinks. One thing is clear: This does not happen overnight, but it is a lengthy process that requires patience! To avoid this, you must learn how to do backlinking for SEO!

Backlinking for SEO and how to get them through outreach

The following factors are especially crucial for backlinks: The source must be reputable, have as much authority as possible and fit precisely to my product or service. For example, if you sell health products and are allowed to place a topic-relevant guest article on a well-known health portal, then you have hit the jackpot.

At the beginning of the link building is the research:

  • Think of a theme that fits your website.
  • Search for similar topics and outline a short table of contents.
  • Consider on which blogs the topic could be published.
  • Search at Google (correct country ending) specifically for these blogs.

Do you want to write about back pain? Then search for health blogs, medicine blogs, etc. Write down the respective pages, including contact data (direct contact person) and keep everything in a simple Excel overview. This list should contain the following fields:

  • Target website
  • Example link of a post that is as similar to your idea as possible
  • Contact person
  • E-Mail
  • Request date
  • Article title
  • Comment

The ultimate guide: Backlinking For SEO Through outreach

Once you have completed your list, it’s time to get down to business: the cover letter. In the following, you will get to know the holy grail of all guest contribution requests.

This is a method by which we receive at least 20 per cent positive feedback. And this is not a one-time occurrence, but we profit from this network in the long term. Because once you are satisfied with a guest article, you will most likely accept a second and third one.

Always address the target person by name and remain formal when requesting a guest contribution. This is best in 90% of all cases, unless you write about toys, for example, and contact a parenting blog where readers are addressed as “you”. Here it is often better to write personally and introduce yourself by your first name.

In addition to addressing them directly, you also need a short introduction about yourself (see above). By the way, in the subject line, you must, of course, state the exact reason for your contact “Post for your blog”.

Personalization is half the battle

If you do not refer to the link source, you can assume that your request will end up in the bin. Take a little time and take a close look at the target page. Only then can you add the following paragraph to your request.

I have chosen “The X best relaxation exercises for stress-related back pain” as the title for my article. During my research, I came across their article about the greatest myths about back pain, an ideal anchor for my inquiry. Mixed with a personal touch of mine, I provide the first symphony points.

In the next step, I go even further and suggest another exciting topic for my contact. Since I know that you write about back pain, my topic will also arouse your interest. As an eye-catcher, I highlight the text in bold.

Let’s see what you got

So far, so good. But how does my contact person know that I can write high-quality articles? If you have already published useful articles, you can unpack them now.

The whole thing is called “social proof” and serves the purpose of convincing our counterpart of the high quality of our articles. He won’t read it, but he will see that we write stylistically high-quality articles and don’t want to publish advertising articles because that would be an absolute no-go!

For social proof, you select a maximum of three successful articles. Of course, you will take the crème de la crème of your guest contributions. In the best case, these are thematically similar sources and materials of which you can actually be proud. If you name dubious sites here, it was all in vain!

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The last act – the farewell

A friendly farewell including signature follows. This way, we prove our seriousness and remove any last doubts. In the very last step, you have to proofread the request at least twice and at the best show it to a colleague. He will be thrilled, and if he had his website, he would probably even pay for your guest contribution ;).

By the way, with this high-quality request, this is not uncommon. Of course, you don’t take any money for it, but with the high-quality backlink, you have reached all your goals! A backlinking for SEO through outreach that is most likely to SUCCEED!

I hope you’ve learned about backlinking for SEO and how you should outreach!

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